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Gear transmission noise and noise reducti

The reason of gear noise 

1.The vibration speed of gear running is too fast 

The speed of gear running vibration is too fast, mainly caused by the excessive frequency in gear transmission, resulting in the excessive vibration between gears. The speed of vibration in gear operation is fast, which will affect the frequency of vibration and produce noise.

2.  Gear vibration caused by load shock

Gear transmission is regarded as a vibrating spring system, and gear is naturally a part of the system. When the gear is loaded to different degrees, the frequency and direction of torsion will be different, and most of them will form the vibration force in the circular direction. In addition, the gear itself deals with noise problems, which will produce smooth and non scream noise.

3.Noise from resonance

Resonance can produce noise is known to everyone. The main way of gear transmission in the production room will naturally appear resonance in operation. The resonance brought by gear transmission is based on the vibration caused by the rigidity difference of the gear itself and the vibration caused by friction between gears at the same vibration frequency. At this time, the two interaction will easily produce resonance, and the resonance will bring about noise.

4.Some gears have insufficient surface smoothness

It is well known that if two objects are smooth, the noise level produced by friction is naturally small. However, many gear surfaces are too rough, friction surface is large when friction is carried out, and vibration frequency is high, and the noise generated is also large and much.

5.Lack of proper lubrication method support

In gear maintenance and noise reduction, not only good lubricants can reduce friction vibration between gears, but also a good lubricant use method is also an important way to reduce and reduce noise. The traditional lubricant use method is to increase the lubricant dosage on the gear surface to reduce friction in operation, but this method has little effect on noise reduction. In the view of the use of gear maintenance and noise reduction on lubrication abroad, more attention should be paid to lubrication method, that is, the method of fully injecting lubricant into the gear interior to reduce the noise.


Measures to prevent noise

Generally speaking, based on the reason of noise generated by gear transmission, it is attributed to load, vibration frequency, gear friction and bearing rotation. Therefore, the prevention of noise in gear should be focused on these points.

1. load

For the load is mainly based on the production weight of the gear, therefore, when selecting the gear for the corresponding production product, the gear should be properly changed according to the production weight that the product can bear to avoid the noise caused by the corresponding weight during the transmission process of some gears;

2. Frequency of vibration

Some gears have high friction and high speed, which causes the vibration speed to be too fast and produce noise. In the design of gears, attention should be paid to the speed of gear movement, that is, the number of cycles to be operated shall be specified in a certain time, rather than allowing it to rotate too fast.

3.Gear friction

 As mentioned above, the friction between gears is too large and vibration is too large, and the corresponding noise will be very large. In order to reduce the friction between gears, gear with smooth appearance should be selected as far as possible when selecting gears. Remember that gears with rough appearance and high friction can not be selected. In addition, lubricant can be injected into gears to improve the effective operation of gear parts.

4.Bearing movement

The design of bearing also includes the inspector's supervision on the number of cycles of gear bearings. The designer tries to discuss the amount error that the bearing guarantee period can bear in gear transmission, and the design defects predicted in the design gear may be within a reasonable range.

Measures to reduce noise

Improving gear lubrication method

In terms of gear lubrication, it is not only the choice of lubricants, but also the methods of gear lubrication should be innovated to save the use of lubricants, and to improve the efficiency of gear use and reduce noise. Although the research shows that centrifugal lubrication is a method to effectively reduce the noise of gear wheel, that is, to check the gearbox within the specified time range, Timely replace the gears with serious damage and quality reduction. On this basis, drill a small hole at the bottom of the gear. The lubricant injection is carried out through the small hole with the characteristics of centrifugal force. Meanwhile, the used lubricant waste is eliminated. Through this method, effective friction can be carried out between gears, Avoid the noise of gear transmission caused by poor lubrication effect;

Tooth shape correction method

Because of the tooth shape error, the tooth top engagement and the meshing precision are crossed. In order to improve the meshing accuracy, we use the tooth shape correction method to eliminate the noise of the gear is also very good. First, we apply red lead powder on the gear to mesh, then modify the meshing point of the gear, so that the meshing point of the gear wheel is distributed near the indexing circle as far as possible, so as to improve the meshing accuracy of the gear